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Sit-in in front of spanish embassy against the violent and illegal borderpractice in Spain/Melilla
Tuesday, 4 of november 2014, 8 am, meetingplace : S-Bahnof Tiergarten
On 14th and 15th of ostober more than 250 people managed to enter the spanish enclave Melilla, climbing the highmilitarized fences between Morocco and Spain. The Guardia Civil have beaten them up cruelly. One of them, Danny was beaten up to unconsciousnes. He lost a kidney and is half paralyzed now.
The Guardia Civil pushed back the refugees immediately through the fences to Morocco. Many were wounded by the police forces and the barbed wires. 18 heavily injured people needed to be broughtto hospital. Only 17 persons managed to enter Melilla and to stay there in the CETI.
The polices on both side of the fences use weapons like stones, knives , iron and wooden bars , truncheons , pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets.
Even the European Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, and members of the European Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, and members of the European parliament « Condem the Spanish Guardia Civil of its violent treatment » of migrants and demand to stop these practices denying peoples fundamental rights.
You can watch a short video of Pro.De.In, showing further illegal push back on 15th of October in the following link :
This borderpractice is illegal because Europes internatonal obligation is to prove situations individually and to guarantee the rights of international protection and seek asylum. It is illegal for a state to push back ! The Guardia Civil is already accused because of two similar incidents just one and two month ago, of which exist good prooving material. Migrants in Marocco report about until 10 pushbacks have been killed by the Guardia Civil when they directly shot rubber bullets on persons in the sea, trying to swim to Ceuta. Instead of stoping with that killing reality at the outerborders, Spain wants to legalize on national level the pushbacks, which a clear violation of migrants rights.
We deamand a welcoming Europe and freeom of Mouvement for everyboby !
Stop murderers at the borders !
No more illegal pushbackactions !

Droits de Migrants

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